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Artist, musician, songwriter and composer

For Aaron Wälchli, who was born in Switzerland, one thing is clear: his passion, his being and his personal expression is music. The qualified fitness trainer and coach came into contact with music at a young age. This was always accompanied by the feeling that still flows through him today when he plays music and this goes far beyond music: it is a feeling of pure presence, freedom and lightness.

After almost ten years of complete abstinence from music, Aaron experienced his musical breakthrough as a solo artist in the years 2020 to 2023: with over 140 performances, he celebrated a brilliant stage debut with an exceptionally versatile repertoire of cross-genre music: from classical, 70s/80s songs to country and pop. 

In 2022 and 2023, he also released his debut albums PUR (Session 1) and PUR (Session 2), for which he wrote and composed the songs "Home", "Liecht", "Just Like You" and "True", among others. Typical for his arrangements are guitar and marimba accompaniment, which resonate wonderfully with his voice. Cover versions such as "Something" (The Beatles, 1969), "Ring of Fire" (June Carter & Merle Kilgore, 1963) or "Sound of Silence" (Simon & Garfunkel, 1964) make up a large part of his successes. With his personal interpretations and his presence, he succeeds in connecting with his role models in the music industry, be it Joe Cocker, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash or Tina Turner. 

In spring 2023, together with Regina Leitner, he wrote a musical program of the finest quality: "What the World Needs Now. Love". The music and poetry touch on love on the surface and in depth. The selected compositions by Aaron in combination with the duo's theatrical interludes move, touch and open the heart to all that love has in store. A wild, entertaining, but no less profound ride through all facets of love. It includes the songs "Und du so?", composed by Aaron himself, and the arrangements "A Million Dreams" and "Up Where We Belong" (album: This is your Song, 2023). 

The response to Aaron's concerts is just as varied as his program. In part, it reveals different assessments of his music: influences of folk music and country can be filtered out. If you ask the artist himself about his genre, you get the following answer: "Yes, there's a bit of pop music, a bit of country, a bit of singer-songwriter... You won't find a niche with me. Just as little as a label." The solo artist's music radiates above all through his intimate, pure and beautiful voice. Pure. Authentic and full of love.  

NOW NEW: In addition to many solo performances, Aaron Wälchli is realizing a new project in 2024. With his concert program "Aaron Wälchli & Friends", he will be accompanied not only by a top-class live band, but also by a specially founded choir. The stage show will be performed in three countries (Switzerland, Germany and France). 


Selection of feedback on Aaron's performances:

Aurelia L. (Festival visitor)

With your music and your presence in concert, you created a space that simply drew me in and touched me. It was wonderful to have seen, heard and felt you live with your music!


Kirtani Roth (

What a beautiful experience. The program "What The World Needs Now - Love" by Regina Leitner and Aaron Wälchli is a wild ride through all facets of love. The music and poetry touch on love on the surface and in depth. Their fantastic performance moves, touches and changes; opens the heart to all that love has in store. Thank you for the truly entertaining but no less profound program and all the love you put into your work, your actions and your passion. It is visible and tangible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Willie Suurbeck (luminary in the Swiss media landscape & passionate musician)

I have known Aaron Wälchli for a few months now. A rare multi-talent. Whether marimba, guitar, solo singing, Mani Matter or Neil Young. Somehow he can do everything. His heart is music. His soul is light. His body is movement. 


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