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The Debut  CD album by Aaron Wälchli "MAARON" combines singing with marimba into a harmonious structure. Dreamy melodies, invigorating rhythms and a powerful voice fill the room with love, joy and confidence.


With the CD you get the songs, which were arranged and written by Aaron Wälchli in 2020.


Release date: 01/31/2021


Song title:

1. Welcome to the Opera - music by Aaron Wälchli  (2:03)

2. What the World Needs Now - words & music by Holly Lamar & Brett James, arr. by Aaron Wälchli (4:04)

3. Beautiful in My Eyes - words & music by Joshua Kadison, arr. by Aaron Wälchli  (4:44)

4. No Ordinary World - words & music by Lars Anderson & Stephen Allen Davis, arr. by Aaron Wälchli  (3:06)


SKU: 01
VAT Included
    • Timeless can collection format
    • CD in vinyl record design
  • 0 730706 001390

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