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Impression "Jahreskonzert 2022"

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Aaron Wälchli & Friends
Aaron Wälchli & Friends
30 May 2024, 15:00
Riehen (CH), Landgasthof Grosser Saal


About Aaron

With over 90 concerts in the last two years, Aaron Wälchli is one of the most requested solo musicians in the region of Basel.

Beyond any genre boundaries, he inspires and touches listeners of all generations. His concert guests move closer to each other, sharing goosebumps, laugh from their heart and stifle tears.

Aaron Wälchli creates in a unique way a magical atmosphere that you can also be enchanted by.​

New CD-Album "PUR (Session 2)"

Limited collector's edition* with the inscription

"1 - _____/55" now available.


Signature or dedication from Aaron Wälchli desired? Enter your wishes in the form below

*Price per CD: CHF 20.-/ € 20.-, Shipping: CHF 3.50/ €3.50

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Neus Album


dancing in the dark

words & music: Bruce springsteen

musician: Aaron Wälchli

Beautiful in My Eyes

Written by: Joshua Kadison

arr.: Aaron Wälchli

dancer: Malin Nemeth

musician: Aaron Wälchli

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